Hey guys, my name is Andy and welcome to my blog Rerolling Ones! 

On here what I hope you will find is some great articles over the coming months on Warhammer 40k and maybe even some Age of Sigmar. I’m a gamer at heart, so most of my posts will be written as such, with tacticas, army lists, crazy mad ramblings and also some painting guides to get your army looking good 👌

A little bit about me; I got into the hobby about 3 years ago now, the painting attracted me, the gaming got me hooked. So much so in fact that for almost 2 years I was working in my local Games Workshop. I’ve played a little bit of most armies, but my favourites have always been Chaos. My first “real” gaming army was my Chaos Daemons, I have told loads of customers in the store that Daemons taught me so much about the game, from having virtually no guns, limited survivability and even investing the majority of your points in power house units, it teaches you so much. Line of sight, cover, target saturation, disordered charges, so many things that you don’t even need to worry about when playing Space Marines!

I can paint to a good standard, I made a point of learning, however the guides I will be posting on here will be more geared towards table top standard. Not because I don’t want to paint to a higher, but because I am currently without an army and want something to get on the tabletop ASAP! 

I hope you hang around to read some articles, leave me some comments and follow if you can ☺️